About Me

Slow smokin' in a fast paced world.

Hello! I'm Chef Teddy

The BBQ Master

Who we are

I started my career at the Food & Beverage division in a 5-stars hotel. 10 years into the F&B operations as well as training in & out Malaysia, I cultivated my love for great food and its cooking. I mastered the culinary basics from cookbooks and learned the finer points from fellow hotel chefs. During most recent 5 years, I worked in Research & Development division where I developed new culinary offerings which earned my recognition from the Malaysian Chef Association.

Since year 2009, The Chef Teddy’s Kitchen is providing great BBQ food, elegant set-up and the highest quality service to companies and individuals. With the Kitchen on wheels, we provide on the spot grilling. Customers are assured of ingredients that are prepared fresh and food that are cooked with utmost care by well-trained culinary professionals.

Our kitchen houses complete facilities to allow us to provide great food. My crew are courteous, honest, dynamic and have passion for work.

“This is the way a party should be”